A sterling silver cacao pod on top of a dried cacao pod
Half Cacao Pod
The top side of this piece has many curves, lines and markings, similar to that of a cacao pod.
The back of this pod is hollowed out, just as real cacao pods are after harvest.
A closer view of some of the texture on this piece.

Canadian Chocoholic

Half Cacao Pod

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This sterling silver half cacao pod was hand carved in wax before it became this beautiful pendant.  It has curves, lines, and marks just as a real cacao pod would, but is much smaller.  Perfect for the avid chocoholic, this piece showcases the pod the cacao beans come from.

Chocolate does indeed grown on trees, and this is what it looks like handing in nature.  Perfect for hanging around your neck, this pendant comes on an 18 inch snake chain.

The reverse side of this pendant is hollowed out like a pod is after the cacao beans are taken out to be turned into chocolate.

This is a hand crafted piece of jewellery and may ship 10-14 days after order if it is not in stock.