Cacao Bean Earrings
Cacao Bean Earrings

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Cacao Bean Earrings

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These Cacao Bean Earrings are cast from an actual cacao bean.  The pair of them together create these gorgeous sterling silver cacao bean earrings.

This cacao bean, grown in Peru, has half its husk on and half its husk off, displaying its two beautiful textures.  Showing how amazing and unique it is inside and out.  How beautiful cacao is before it is made into products.

This sterling silver cacao bean comes packaged with a bar of Qantu Chuncho 70% for you to enjoy with it.  Both hand made from the same cacao bean.

The cacao bean measures approximately 18 mm tall x 8 mm wide x 5 mm deep each.  These are great earrings, but are a bit heavy, weighing 4-5 grams each, which doesn't sound like much but can be heavy for some people after wearing them all day on your ear lobes.  Of you want something lighter, check out the Cacao Pod Earrings.

10% of profits of this piece will be donated back to the cacao producers of this bean. 


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