Why is shipping so expensive?

We require that all packages containing jewelley have tracked shipping.  Since these parcels go through customs a lot of the time we like to be able to see where they are.  Silver and gold are precious metals and must be declared to customs, so it says what is inside on the outside of your parcel, we like to be extra careful so nothing goes missing.

Will it get there by Christmas?

We do our very best to ship soon after your order has been placed.  This sometimes means a few days after placing your order as screen printed items are printed to order.  We suggest ordering before Dec 1st to have the best chance of items arriving on time.

Is it all hand made?  

Yes.  I, Cyndi, do almost everything.  I carve wax, sew pouches, screen print all items, finish all jewellery pieces and package everything up myself.  I do send my casting out as it is not a practical set up for a home studio.  This means my lost wax casting pieces are fired in a kiln and then filled with metal at a small metal smith shop.  These are big pieces of equipment and are not practical for me to run as a small business.

Do you design everything?

Yes.  I design the jewellery, using different techniques and materials for the pieces.  I designed the graphics for the silk screens, and burnt the screens myself.  New Fall of 2020, I designed fabrics and had them printed to use in my line of sewn products.

Is it just you?

I am lucky to have a supportive partner, and by that I mean a helpful one.  He helps with techy stuff, screen printing (4 hands make it go smoother), and packing things up to take to the post office.

Tell me more about your love of chocolate?

I love, love, love chocolate.  It is something I eat every day and is a part of my lifestyle.  I read about it, teach about it, dream about it, cook with it, and eat it.  You can find more about my chocolate life on my blog www.canadianchocoholic.ca or follow me on IG @canadianchocoholic, or email me here with any questions you have.