Covid-19 Orders and Shipping

Due to the world events as of late, we wanted to make it clear that we have the upmost concern for your safety. This pandemic is of great concern to us and we are doing everything we can to prevent or eliminate any possibility of the virus coming into contact with any materials, paper or metal, including the shipping materials and labels.

We are taking all the necessary steps, which include hand washing and minimal contact with products. While none of the staff are sick with the virus (All staff were tested on July 12 - all negative), proper hygiene is followed always.

Additionally, the delivery of your order will most likely be delayed. This is an unfortunate condition of this pandemic. We cannot influence this at all, as we understand that the Canada Post mail system is overloaded with parcels making the service as busy as it would be during Christmas, but with less staff.

We understand the concerns you may have with delivery of the order. All we can do is ask that you be patient.

Thank you

Canadian Chocoholic