Sterling Silver Nibs
Sterling Silver Nibs
Sterling Silver Nibs
Sterling Silver Nibs

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Sterling Silver Nibs

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  • I love chocolate tote bag
  • Sterling Silver Nibs Necklace and Earring set

Inspired by cacao nibs I created this design one day after seeing a pile of nibs on my kitchen counter and admiring all their unique shapes and textures.  They reminded me of raw diamonds and it was then I knew they should be highlighted.  These nibs are cast in sterling silver and are tumbled to polish them in order to keep the textures and finishes of the silver reminiscent of real cacao nibs.  Included is an I Love Chocolate tote bag, created from a painted silk screen, each print varies a little from the one before. Nibs, the diamonds of the chocolate world.

  • Tote bag is 39cm x 40cm with 25.5cm handle strap
  • Nibs vary in size but are aprox. 2 cm x .8 cm at most
  • 18 inch sterling silver chain
  • sterling silver ear hooks (please message me if you want other options)


***coming soon in bronze